Casey James cover art revealed

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Casey James' debut album comes out March 20. But USA TODAY readers get a first look at the American Idol Season 9 singer's album cover today.

Casey, who co-produced the album with Chris Lindsey, said he set out to make an album that would bridge musical worlds. "For instance, if you like oldies, hopefully you'll like this record," he says. "If you like country, maybe, hopefully, you'll like this record. If you like rock, hopefully you'll like this record. If you like blues, hopefully you'll like this record. Because those are all things I love."

And if you liked Casey's guitar playing on American Idol, you might like this record, because his picking features prominently on the album.

"I did all the lead work, I did slide work, and I did some acoustic work," he says, "but I had the privilege of working with unbelievable musicians.

"Generally speaking, the acoustic player was a guy named Ilya Toshinsky. He's a master of his instrument. I couldn't play that good if I practiced for a thousand years.

"And then Pat Buchanan, playing on electric. He can play circles around me, but he allowed me to play. He has this way of adding so much without ever getting in the way of what you want to do as a guitar player. He's not afraid to lay back and let you play. That's what I needed, and he did a great job of it."

The album's first single, Let's Don't Call It a Night, is currently at No. 32 on USA TODAY's Country airplay chart.

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Can't wait,Casey! I have almost worn the single,"Let's Don't Call it a Night",out!So glad you have an album,like you want it.People will see,I didn't waste all those votes,while you were on AI.Congratulations,I know big things are coming!

What it soooooo long? It's about time! Let's support his album!

I Can't Wait for this album to come out! I Love the single and look forward to hearing more of Casey's music! LOVE his hair, btw! Laughing out loud

Can March 20 come any faster? It’s been a long time coming, my ears are begging for more Casey James music.

Casey looks great on the album cover , and the seriousness on his face working really well , like the theme . Can't wait to put my hands on that CD Smile

I am soooo excited for Casey! I plan to buy multiple copies of his debut CD and can't wait to hear the new songs he hasn't played at any of his shows yet!!! His always gracious and humble attitude is on display in the article above. He is such a sweet soul and it comes through in his music. Congratulations, Casey!! You are well on your way!!!