The New and Improved Site

I love this new format for Casey's official website!! The layout, the info, the look, everything!! Casey's 'ugly mug' never looked better!!! Wink (reference to his comment in North Canton, Ohio. Which you can watch here: <a href="" title=""></a> )

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I am so excited about Casey's new website...all of the updates with the news....and most importantly his updated tour schedule!!! Yes!!! all things Casey!!! Laughing out loud

So I guess the forum comments work for me, just not the one on the home page. BTW, when I click SAVE on the home page all I get is a white box with a horizontal bar that looks like a moving barber shop light. It never completes the action so the comment gets posted tho.

I have tried and tried to post a comment on the the "Casey's Cut x Cut page, but it won't post. I also tried logging in with my twitter account to see if that makes a difference, but Ican't do that either. I 've commented here in the past. What am I doing wrong?

@Mich_in_Colo The web masters only number a few and will eventually get everyting added and up to date on the site. If you could see how far it has come in the last year as has Casey! The FANS however ALL work to keep <a href="" title=""></a> informed. Live concert feeds, posts, pics, concert dates etc. Shari and Marie are the best and then Casey's fans help out when we here of a new concert date, contest etc. Even Casey's mom Debra and his Aunt Sheri help keep the blog up to date, so until then check it out and book mark it along with this site and Casey's official FB site run by BNA

I just love the layout!! Just beautiful!! And I believe it would be Casey's favorite color....mostly blue! I love all the colors together, so nice and comforting. I have had problems getting in, but finally made it by logging in with my facebook. It's so good to have a forum for Casey, I love forums! Thank you Sony for such a beautiful place for Casey's fans to gather!

This website is beautiful, however, there are no updates. Latest tweet is from 7 weeks ago and there have been many since then. Also, there is not an updated list of upcoming concerts or coverage of the latest ones. I just thought this would be kept up to date. Also, his video is premiering on CMT this weekend. That is huge and there is not mention of it here. Sad

Love this...thank you, Sony!!!! Laughing out loud

I think I just died and went to Heaven... Laughing out loud

Yes, what a beautiful website! Love Casey's picture at the top and the colors too. And how great is it to have a new forum to bring together all the CJ fans from various other sites? Nice job, Sony!