North Carolina: Nuthin could be finer than when Casey plays here

Guitar Jam @ <a href="" title=""></a> Asheville, NC on Nov. 15 will host (posted in this order): "Thompson Square, Casey James, Kellie Pickler, Josh Thompson, Sonny Sweeney" to benefit Childrens' Mission Hospital.

hm, wonder for whom I'll be standin and clappin and woot-wootin'? (Not a difficult choice)

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And so nice <a href="" title=""></a> and TheKat96.9 can host him the night before @KAT Country Jam: "...benefitting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! Performing live will be Thompson Square, Eli Young Band, James Wesley & Casey James. This is an acoustic concert at an amazing venue - guaranteed to be unlike any music event you've ever been to . . . " So, back-to-back nights in the Carolina sunshine FTW. Bringin my good buddy Alison- first time for her to catch Casey live!

I would totally be there clapping with you, but people under 18 years of age cant go to The Orange Peel......